Brawn Means Quality

In the peculiar twist of fate, India boasts the title of “The world’s third-largest producer of generic drugs. But on the dark end, it struggles to adequately cater to the needs of ordinary people of its populace. Within this paradox, the triad of access, quality, and affordability becomes a formidable hurdle. It is disconcerting to see that access to quality medicines and anti-cancer drugs is just like an uphill battle for the common man of this era. I embarked on a journey to make quality medicines and anti-cancer drugs affordable to ordinary people. 

This journey is fraught with lots of difficulties and obstacles, but for us “Nothing Is Impossible”. With this spirit, today BRAWN is continuing its legacy to provide top-class healthcare services to common people at affordable prices. Today, BRAWN is hailed as one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in India. We are powered by highly advanced manufacturing facilities and technologies. We are a team of seasoned healthcare professionals who function as a family, united in our mission and vision. 

We have established a multi-tier quality control and assurance system to ensure that each product we create upholds the promise of a better life. Furthermore, our dedicated in-house regulatory team has masterfully navigated the company’s expansion into global markets, including highly regulated ones.

We feel extremely proud to announce the upcoming establishment of our US FDA and EU GMP-compliant plant in Halol, Gujarat. This success will improve our production capacity, allowing us to make life better. 

To serve humanity even better, BRAWN has ventured into different pharmaceutical sectors. We work on a wide spectrum encompassing Pharmaceutical Herbal Cosmetics, High-End Complex Oncology API, Medical Devices and Surgical Instruments, Pharmaceutical Printing and packaging, Clean Room HVAC, and more.


Our Highlights

Our Vision

“To be one of the top 50, strategic & research based generic global healthcare corporation, creating value for the stakeholders by empowering people to provide quality products & services through regulatory compliance & operational excellence”

Our Mission

“To develop and market affordable research based quality generic formulation for better life all across the globe”
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